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Amy's passion for the Truth stems from her passion for Christ, whom she first accepted in 1998. It was a stormy point in Amy and Mike's marriage that helped her recognize the emptiness in her heart. "I realized some drastic measures needed to be taken while my husband and I were calmly, tearlessly discussing the terms of our divorce, and who would have custody of our 2-year-old son," she relates. In a final, desperate attempt at saving the marriage, Amy convinced Mike to search for a new church with her. Eventually they found Crossroads Christian Church in Shawnee, Kansas. "On August 9, 1998, the pastor preached on repentance," she explains. That was the final nudge she needed. "I gave God control of the wheel, and He's been driving me around ever since!" Mike accepted Christ five months later. Today they are grateful for two decades of marriage, three beautiful children, and One Who remains at the center of their lives. "Our marriage is not perfect, and we daily commit to the principle in Ecclesiastes 3:9-12. Our marriage is a cord of three strands. Jesus Christ holds us together."

The commitment to Christ has led Amy to a passion for sharing her story with others. "I constantly look for ways to share the message of the gospel," she writes. "I pray for God to open doors and allow me to share my testimony and His Truth. Every time, He is faithful in answering that prayer." And she never knows when God will present an opportunity: "I have shared with neighbors, friends, family, strangers on airplanes, in grocery stores, at parks--you name it, God can do it!"

The conviction Amy feels to share the Truth often leads her to address issues that some are hesitant to discuss. "I feel God calling me to tell it like it is with grace and love. I feel Him calling me to equip women with the Truth and encourage those in the faith," she maintains. With her straightforward, honest style that doesn't skirt the issues, Amy strives to reveal God's direction as He intended--straight from the Bible--and remove some of the misconceptions established in our minds by society.

Amy's passion extends to her community, where she serves in a variety of areas of need. She speaks at women's events, retreats, and her own church. She lives in Shawnee, Kansas with her husband Mike, son Jacob, and daughters Faith and Hope -- and, of course, Christ Jesus.

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