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To Whom It May Concern:

I had only been serving in my new position of Youth Pastor at Crossroads Christian Church for a couple of months the first time somebody told me, “Amy Dmyterko is a good person to ask to share a message with the youth group.” I remembered those words, coupled with other words from our students like, “there are some people in the group that need to hear that message Amy shared last year.”

Before I ever arrived at Crossroads Amy had shared at least one message with our students. This past summer we brought her back to share a couple more lessons during our Sunday Morning youth worship services, and both times she spoke with great energy and Biblical insight. Amy has a natural talent to use humor to draw the audience in so that she can stamp their hearts and minds with impressionable truths.

Amy currently serves our students as a youth coach, and continues to share her passion for people at several different levels. From teaching Bible studies in the church to instinctively mentoring people, Amy has a personality that is both transparent and warm. She is transparent in that she is very authentic and real, and she is warm in that she is quite inviting of strangers and regulars alike. We are blessed to have her as a part of our team, and we are glad she wants to share that blessing with others like you.

Enjoy the Lord,

Jeremiah Holcomb
Youth Pastor
Crossroads Christian Church
Shawnee, KS

Dear Sister in Christ,

Amy Dmyterko from Tell It Like It Is Ministries spoke at our MOPS group (Mothers of Preschoolers). She has a heart for Jesus and for spreading His Word. She captured our audience of women while speaking about how we can love our husbands and others close to us. Amy told us about the serious topic of how love is a verb and action not just a feeling while incorporating humor. She explained the different types of love and how we can take action steps.

The discussion questions she prepared for us was where I heard the most comments from our ladies. One question was who do we need to show love for that we are not currently loving. My table overflowed with comments about in-laws and ways that these women were going to try and heal wounded relationship. Another group of ladies arranged to send their husbands on a surprise guy’s night out!

Amy was easy to work with and had a great Power Point presentation. She will definitely be invited back to speak at our ministry. I would highly recommend Amy Dmyterko because of her wisdom and heart for God.

In His Name,

Susan Thomas-Butler
MOPS Speaker Coordinator
Westside Family Church
Lenexa, KS


It is without reservation that I recommend to you Amy Dmyterko as a speaker at your next event/retreat. Over the last few years I've had the privilege to witness both Amy coming to Christ and her growth into His likeness. Without a doubt, she is passionate about her faith and you'll enjoy her candid approach to her testimony. She loves the Lord and no one will walk away from hearing her speak with any doubts about that. Her enthusiasm is contagious, just what you'd want in a retreat setting.

Amy has a servant's heart and I have found her to be easy to work with. She seems to have a growing number of creative ideas of how to effectively accomplish ministry in various settings.

I, personally, would not hesitate to have her speak at a function that I was organizing. She'll do an effective job for you.

Because of Eternity,

Brad Fangman
Senior Pastor
Crossroads Christian Church
Shawnee, KS

Amy's candid testimony of her journey to faith makes it clear that any adversity can be overcome with a life centered in Jesus. Hers is a message that encourages us to trust Jesus to bring us through the valleys of life.

Evelyn Funke
Event Attendee
Rolling Hills Christian Church
Topeka, KS

Dear Amy,

God has really blessed you. And in turn you have truly blessed others! Thank you for sharing your many gifts. You really touched my heart and many others as well. Thank you for your time! May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

Event Attendee
The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection
Leawood, KS


Thank you so much for coming to Building Better Moms. What an inspirational meeting! Blessings to your and your family.

Amy Williams
The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection
Leawood, KS

Communicating with students can strike fear into the hearts of many people. It can be an intimidating experience. Communicating with students requires authenticity, sincerity, creativity and, when communicating truths, a close relationship with Christ. Amy Dmyterko possesses all of those qualities! Amy did a great job speaking to our students at summer camp. She was able to communicate clearly God's desire for the young women in the audience in a way that they truly "got". It you want a communicator willing to speak God's truth into the lives of young people give Amy a call!

Lance Coffman
Senior Pastor
Wallula Christian Church
Wallula, KS

Dear Women's Ministry Leader,

I am thrilled to be able to refer a wonderful speaker for your ministry. Amy Dmyterko has a heart for ladies and is such an inspiration. Her wit and humor is captivating, while she speaks humbly from her experience as a wife and mom. I would definitely recommend her for a variety of topics. Our group has been honored to have her twice and we look forward to hearing from Amy again and again. Her passion for the Lord truly shows her commitment and shines through her. I'm thankful she shared with us and hope you get to hear from her too!

In His Service,

Cindy Hall
Director Moms-n-Mentors
First Family Church
Overland Park, KS

Dear Amy,

What a treat it was to have you speak to our group a few weeks ago. Your "Authentic Joy" presentation was exactly what we needed to warm us up and get us going on a cold January morning. I believe what you said was "contagious" - I hear many whispers that others wanted the joy and peace you exhibited.

Your honesty about your walk with Christ was appreciated. By sharing your struggle you had with accepting God's gift and repenting of past sins, people were able to identify with your message and see how it could work within their own lives. You showed us that walking with God isn't always easy, but it's the only thing that truly brings joy.

Upon leaving, women were invigorated by your message. It was easy to take the quotes you shared with us and use the to pray for the five "P's": Provision, Protection, Presence, Praise and Prince. The biblical background made these ideas more tangible and provide a map for us to see God's grace. Walking out of the room, I heard three different women comment, "That was the best presentation we've had all year." You certainly made an impression.

Thank you for sharing with our group and influencing our personal walks with God. It was an important message shared with warmth, love and most of all joy.


Amy Smith
Building Better Moms
The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection
Leawood, KS

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